The experiment with blogging is over

After five years of posting every week, starting in January 2011, this blog is closed. The whole purpose of putting up with the bloat and inconvenience of a blogging engine was the comment function, enabling discussion with and among readers. In all of those five years I have had one single public comment, but quite a few by private mail. Seeing that my only requirement was not accepting cowardly anonymity and demanding the use of real names, this says a lot about how deep this supposedly democratic society of citizens has sunk.[1] (Anyone for trying a guess what the second word in res publica stands for?)

The trigger that caused me to do it now was my hoster’s upgrade to a newer version of PHP forcing me to update Wordpress too. Doing so has validated my sticking to an old version for so long:

  1. The pages delivered to the reader are no longer XHTML but according to the authoritative constitute non-valid junk code.
  2. Several sensible and useful functions and mechanisms were dropped while nothing, that was missing before, got fixed.
  3. The interface has become totally unusable – even more so than it had been before. when it did not suffice just to write clean code but I had to fight against the built in editor just to stop it from interfering and ruining my work[2]

I have reinstated all the lost old pages in clean HTML.

The lists of articles from the scientific press and my commentaries have gone to

and my personal commentary on random items of politics and current affairs to

I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

I shall try to install a reasonable alternative for the now lost search function. Until that gets done and until all the old links are redirected you can also visit the

archive of the old blog.

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Please read Tuvia Tenenbom, The Lies They Tell / Allein unter Amerikanern on just this topic. He looks and acts like a complete idiot, which helps a lot to get people to talk with the mask off. In truth he grew up in Israel as a Haredi Jeshivah scholar bound for the rabbinate and later went on to study mathematics among other things.     Zurück
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