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Articles to 2015-03-28

First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

This week I look at two more studies about colorectal cancer. Brenner et al. 2009 is the source for Wikipedia’s number of 11.4 % advanced adenomas found in screening. Brenner et al. 2015 extrapolate the number of prevented cases to 180 000 (100k for men plus 80k for women) until death. For 4.4 million screenings we get 3.6 prevented cases (not necessarily lethal!) per 100 deaths. This looks very different from the 0.12 % of premature deaths from two weeks ago, even though they compare different outcomes.

Dolgin offers an intriguing hypothesis for the cause of short sightedness. One addendum though: His number of 500 lx in closed rooms is way too high. I have never measured more than about 100 lx in school classrooms or well lighted kitchens. My own workspace, which seems excessively lighted by comparison, barely reaches 160 lx.

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