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Articles to 2015-11-13

First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.


False positive results need not be the result of fraud or lack of due diligence, they may just be bad luck as Fowler & Montagnes demonstrate. They offer a couple of – non fail safe – recommendations on how to avoid such pitfalls.


A meaningful study of archaeology has always been impossible without mastery of the actual material artefacts. I have to plead guilty here, tending to find the field work boring and being more interested in scientific methods and theory. It seems I’m not the only one and as James Cole has just shown this can result in far reaching and long standing nonsense.


What Lawson et al fail to stress is, that not only does polygyny turn out not to be a problem but rather seems to be a helpful and positive to solution for other problems concerning a lack of resources.

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