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Articles to 2016-08-11

First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.


When I looked into it more than thirty years ago, storing 1 kWh of electricity in lead acid batteries cost at least 1 DM (due to the limited number of cycles). According to de Oliveira e Silva & Hendrick it has become slightly cheaper but only at the rate of inflation so the price now is a nominally identical 0.5 €/kWh. Regardless of the price and value of electricity this only makes sense if the price at the time of use is at least that much more expensive than at the time of generation. As long as it’s not or at least not often enough to justify the (not included) investment in the charging infrastructure, it makes more sense to throw away extra generation and to buy in as needed. These prices are for a mature and established technology, so even with storage added regenerative sources are not the answer for our power and energy needs.


Kim et al. give another reason for the importance of gut biota and a fibrous diet. As the risk they state is immune impairment, that’s one more reason not to mess with the carpet bombing of antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

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