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Israel derangement syndrome

‘Iron dome’ blamed as ‘likely to prolong conflict’

By Thomas Lifson

Just when you thought Jew-hatred double standards applied to Israel couldn’t get any more ridiculous, along comes this gem, via Rob Garver of The Fiscal Times and Yahoo News:

… while the missile defense system is undoubtedly saving Israeli lives, in an ironic twist, some analysts believe that it is likely to prolong the conflict with Hamas by reducing pressure on Netanyahu to negotiate a cease-fire.

The underlying presumption here is astounding. By defending itself, Israel is doing something harmful. Why can’t it just hurry up and surrender? Hamas, after all, wants to extinguish Israel and drive all the Jews into the sea. By objecting to this proposition, Israel is prolonging the conflict, and those poor Gazans, who voted in Hamas and who permit it to fire rockets from their homes, schools, hospitals and mosques, are suffering as a result. How dare Israel defend itself?

Has there ever been another nation on earth criticized for defending itself from an attack?

Source: American Thinker and Jewish Leadership.

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