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9/11 and 9/13

By Moshe Feiglin

This article was published in Moshe Feiglin’s book, The War of Dreams.
You can find my German translation on my main website. [FAB]

It is amazing how the Israeli media ignored the tenth anniversary of the Oslo Accords. One would think that the media, always looking for hot topics, would not be able to get out of summarizing and analyzing the significance of the horrifying decade that Israel has suffered since the Accords were signed. But, no. The people pulling the strings of Israel’s media marionettes have no intention of building themselves a defendant’s bench, a place where they clearly have reserved seats.

The 13th of September passed like any other day. Nobody in Israel stopped to draw conclusions, and the fateful Accords continue to claim their daily pint of blood with ever growing lust.

But the 11th of September, the day that the Twin Towers collapsed, merited serious attention. September 11th threatens no one, so Israel’s citizens were treated to a number of media summaries and learned analyses on the massacre in New York.

Both the Israelis and the Americans have a blind spot: Without September 13th, September 11th would not have happened. The Oslo Accords brought about the destruction of the Twin Towers. Without the abominable handshake between Rabin, Arafat and Clinton on September 13, 1993, the Twin Towers would not have collapsed on September 11th, 2001.


The Oslo Accords are usually defined as peace accords that were established to bridge a physical disagreement as to the ownership of a particular parcel of land. That definition is a smoke screen that the “enlightened” public cannot seem to do without. Even the mystery of the attack on the Twin Towers, bereft of any territorial dispute or military or national conflict was defined within the parameters of the blind Western dogmas of tangible discord. The secular perspective can deal with territorial conflicts that can be solved within the narrow confines of the Western worldview. The Americans needed a state and army against whom to fight and Sadaam supplied the merchandise. The Israelis needed a state and army with whom to make peace, so they brought Arafat and provided him with a nation, army and state.

Both Israel and the U.S. are afraid of facing the truth. They do not have the cultural tools to understand it or to deal with it.

But even more grave: The cultural platform – the founding ethos – upon which both Israel and the U.S. were established, will be severely compromised if they will speak the language that is being used to destroy them. Israel and the U.S. cannot allow themselves to wage a religious war because it completely contradicts their cultures. So they flee to arenas that are rational – but totally irrelevant. America’s citizens are beginning to understand that their adventure in Iraq did not distance terror from their doorsteps. Israel’s citizens have already painfully understood that conjuring up a Palestinian nation and state will not bring them peace.

Our Western rationalism does not like delving into the meta-physical roots of the Oslo process and Islamic terror. But even those who will not relate to what they cannot feel with their hands must answer one question: How is it that before Oslo there were no suicide bombers? The phenomenon of Arab/Islamic suicide is atypical in modern history.

The comparison of the suicide bombers to the kamikazes of World War II is incorrect. There have always been soldiers willing to sacrifice their lives in war in order to advance their cause. There are also many examples of this type of self-sacrifice in Israel. The kamikaze pilot could not have gotten his explosive-laden Zero jet onto the American aircraft carrier without committing suicide.

But suicide as first choice, in other words, death as a monstrous ideology – made its premier appearance after Oslo. Most of the suicide attacks could have been perpetrated without committing suicide. The terrorist that exploded in the pizza shop near my home in Karnei Shomron could have left his explosive-laden backpack in the shop and disappeared. But he didn’t do that, because his death was part of the narrative.


Most of the world believes in the Bible and knows that “The Torah will emanate from Zion and the word of G-d from Jerusalem.” The world knows that a new revelation will emerge from this Land. But at Oslo, the Jews agreed for the first time in history that the Land of Israel does not belong to them, but rather, to the Arabs. Consequently, the Moslem message is the true revelation that will emerge from Jerusalem and conquer the entire world. At Oslo, the Jews armed the Arab Moslems with the ultimate weapon – the justice of their cause.

Just under the surface, a world war has always been waged between Judaism’s two wayward daughters – Islam and Christianity – over world hegemony. Now, the Moslems received the torch of justice from their “mother” religion, and have set out on a world wide jihad, armed with the most sophisticated and dangerous weapon of all.

Obviously, the Arab rabble that bears the Moslem message of violence and evil can herald nothing but death. But in order to bring this faith into the full consciousness that motivates people to commit suicide, they seem to have needed some sort of moral and theological proof. They needed the Oslo Accords.


Jews traditionally associate specific dates with significant events that occurred on those dates. The two Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed on the 9th of Av, while five severe blows to the Jewish nation occurred over the years on the 17th of Tamuz.

After considering this, I decided to check if Oslo and 9/11 occurred on the same Hebrew date. But I was wrong. The Oslo Accords were signed at the White House on the 27th of Elul, 5753, while the Hebrew date of 9/11 was the 23rd of Elul, 5761. But then I read Jeff Jacoby’s article in the Boston Globe. His article reminded me that the ceremonial signing of the Oslo Accords was a show for the world media. The actual Accords were signed four days earlier. Arafat signed a letter in which he recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace and security and condemned the use of terror and violence. On the same day, Rabin signed a letter recognizing the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian nation and as a partner in peace negotiations. The date was September 9th, 1993.

And the Hebrew date?

That’s right. The 23rd of Elul. Both Oslo and 9/11 took place on the same Hebrew date.

Source: The Jewish Leadership Blog

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